• Eliminate depreciation of new unitsportrait - portrait reflee...
  • Get more value from your transportation budget
  • Reduce overall lifecycle costs
  • Maintain fleet flexibility

Cars, trucks, hybrids, and utility vehicles run the “wheels of business” everyday.  With changes in the economy,  organizations need to tighten their belts and look for ways to grow their business, NOT their budgets.  When purchasing qualified pre-owned fleet units into your active inventory, you can significantly reduce overall lifecycle costs and minimize depreciation.

Your company needs cars, trucks and specialty vehicles to run your business.  The Flexco Re-Fleet Program offers companies the ability to acquire the inventory they need to maintain and grow their organizations without the budget busting cost of new vehicles.   Our network of top tier corporations, wholesale distribution channels and selected equipment and vehicle auctions gives us the ability to source the units you need.  And we can do this within your business requirements.

Flexco manages every aspect of the pre-owned vehicle acquisition process, to include; specifications, purchasing, transportation/storage, detailing, temporary tags, permanent registration and titling service.  Benefits of Re-fleeting include:  Desired selected vehicles below retail costs, eliminate first and second year depreciation costs, reduce overall lifecycle costs, avoid mid-year out of stock purchases from dealers, supplement unexpected vehicle needs that fall outside of new vehicle order cycles.

Late model vehicles can be inspected to meet rigid requirements and we can provide a thorough condition report on each potential vehicle.  We also work with lenders who have extensive resources to help you finance these vehicles too.   Contact a member of our team at 1-888-932-0205 today for a free consultation and analysis of how Re-Fleeting can affect your bottom line!